When I was a youth there just was NOTHING!

It’s very hard for me not to feel resentment for today’s youth.  They seem to have all kinds of support & society that cares how they are doing.  Growing up in the 1970’s African American there wasn’t shit!  You were ignored, neglected and your hair could be on fire and no one seemed to care.   You were on your own.  How come?   I have some theories:  such as institutional racism that’s a big one in fact I’ll wager that it is the major reason.   Now today everyone cares about the youth.  I see commercials “Lets make sure these kids have everything they need”  I’m like oh give me a f**king break!  I was only 5 when a white teacher screamed bloody murder over a baggy of grapes that I accidentally took off of a shelf.  I’m thinking that here in America that its really full of hypocrisy.   Just like the old Janet Jackson song I fell like: “what have you done for me lately”?  If you acted out then you got sent OUT of the classroom to the principals office.  Basically school felt like a prison it’s wild children were like inmates, teachers the corrections officers.  It was like a zoo.   I feel like this:  where were the same people who are now looking after the youth & that are watching their back, were  these same people when I was growing up?  Talk about being:

Left out

Left behind

No one giving a damn about you.

Where oh where was the treatment of human dignity?

Thanks for failing my generation!

And some wonder why I’m angry.