I Don’t Deserve To Be Vilified.

African American women are vilified.  Yes I’ve said it & it’s true.  All one needs to do is go no further than your good ole internet type in Black women then wait for that good ole drop down box and just take your pick.  Trust me none of it is too nice.   I’m tired of being vilified.   I’m tired of people referring to black women as difficult, angry, crazy, and the negatives go on & on.

You all out there need to get educated real fast on what its like growing up in an African American home.   Two words everyone.  Corporal punishment.   It’s the staple in the majority of homes & used frequently on African American kids whenever there is a mistake made, if we speak out of turn, or if there is anything perceived as a threat or whatever!  It is an extremely stressful environment that we grow up in.   Of course it is whenever there is threat to bodily harm a child.

Belts while naked (just like a slave) ping pong paddles, punches sometimes, hair pulled (especially when one has nice hair that everyone admires) , sent to bed early so you can’t spend time with your Father, sent out to care for a step parents elderly mother on your bicycle 4-5 times weekly.   And the daily interrogative techniques used on a child just like you see on shows like “First 48”.  Before you shame, judge, vilify African American women please THINK before you leap to judgement