I Usually Hate Receiving any Gifts

Here’s why.  People seem cheap as hell when it comes to getting anyone a gift.   Yes I’ll say it.   I don’t do that because I feel that considerable thought should go into getting a gift for someone.   I’ll give you an example.   See I pay attention to what a person wants or says that they want an example might be something they saw in a window.   If its within my means I might try to get that particular gift for that person or I might get it even if it isn’t within my means.   I believe firmly that everyone when buying something for someone else makes sure IT’S something that they want!  Not what YOU think that they might want.   To me it’s selfish.

Know what else I can’t stand REGIFTING or recycling a gift.  What that means is you have something on your shelf, you wrap it up then give it to someone passing it off as something you bought.   Really?   Can you say lazy?!  I’ve had that done to me & it feels humiliating not to mention that the person that does this has no class whatsoever.      I prefer not to get anything, if you want to make something like knitting a sweater or something made with your own hands I think that’s real nice.

This is coming from a woman who doesn’t have anyone in her life, nor family I mean I can’t even get the Mother to buy a decent birthday card she has grown so indifferent it just does not matter.   Who cares.    I swear living on the West Coast people over here sure are a lazy lot who could care less about you.   Oh and the customer service is lousy everywhere you go, b/c of high incompetence + insecurity.