A Day In The Life Of Me.

Aah the Pacific Northwest I love it NOT!  Recently ladies & Gentlemen boys & girls there has been a heat wave of sorts that has lasted the whole week.   Temperatures reaching 95!  Well that might not be a big thing during summer wherever you live but here in the Pacific Northwest the weather often is awful rarely reaching 70 on a good day.   Humidity is about 55%.  So without air conditioning in my meager apartment & since fans are about as useless in hot weather as a hole in the head, I decided to check into a hotel for what else?  but the A.C.!     I’ve good at shopping around for hotel rates on line with Trivago, Priceline, and the rest of those other sites in fact its fun.     

However the worse hotel over in this part of the coast is located in Renton Washington not far from the Seattle Seahawk training camp.   Econo Lodge.   

Now E.C.  used to really have it’s act together when it came to a great staff & good customer service this only a few years ago.   I recently stayed at this 5th circle of hell recently & OMG was it the hotel from hell!  Literally!  Lets do comparisons shall we?    Last year: Friendly staff, uniforms look good at least they’ve seen an iron.   Staff SMILE!   Staff know how to interact with guests.   Basically all the things that one looks for when enjoying a stay at a hotel.

Now one year later 2017 same hotel here is what I noticed checking into this place.

Awful customer service.  I noticed one front desk young man NOT smile, in fact from what I could see in his eyes he seemed like he was angry just like a pot slowly simmering on a stove about to blow.   I think that I could best describe it as a look of disgust or just plain anger but that look wasn’t friendly.  What I saw was hostility.   I remember thinking to myself “why would you work at a job at the front desk if you seem pissed off?   And there is no excuse of “oh perhaps he needed a job”  I don’t care if he hasn’t been laid, or whatever the excuse because it is up to everyone to figure out what it is that they need or want in life & until then do the best that you can.   But here over in the Pacific Northwest these people are immature, insecure just overall lacking in social skills one should have but don’t.

Front desk I have to tell you all out there is it asking a lot to ask the damn front desk clerk to PRESS the uniform shirt that they’ll be wearing when working?  Also whatever happened to getting a haircut?    One of my pet peeves is rudeness.   When checking in & you tell me that check out is at 11am for an over night stay it really isn’t necessary to call me twenty minutes before check out to tell me the same thing. Cause guess what I always check out on time, and furthermore up until today I’ve always checked out on time.   The guy who called me day of check out didn’t seem to have any sense nor good phone etiquette.   The following is a sample of the conversation over the hotel room phone.

Phone rings:  I pick it up:

Me: Hello?

Front Desk: Front desk

Me: Hello?

Front Desk: Front desk

Me:  No this isn’t the front desk you’ve reached a room .  ( I’m thinking is dude confused?)

Front desk: Front desk, your check out time is 11AM.

Me: Not necessary to tell me I already know

When I went to the check out desk I asked about the call to my room & his confusing manner.   Well all I got was impatience & impertinence.   His English wasn’t that good which wasn’t an issue.  What was an issue was his incomplete sentence & how to use it especially over the phone.   I’m figuring since he IS working the front desk CALLING a guest in their room shouldn’t he then have a complete sentence or rehearse what he is going to say to me?  

Here is how the call should have went I have worked in the hotel industry the FAIRMOUNT hotel for a couple of years.

Me as a front desk clerk: “Good morning Miss Jones, this is a friendly reminder that your checkout time will be 11AM unless your planning to extend your stay with us.

That pretty much says it all don’t you think?  And not only that I have planted a seed to have a possible extra day added on making a little money for said company.  Now see I am not a graduate of any business school I am just a smart business woman.    Welcome to the dumbing down of the Pacific Northwest.   Next time I will upgrade perhaps stay at the Sheraton or better yet the Hilton.