I Have Left The LGBT Life For Good And I Couldn’t Be More At Peace!

I was very disillusioned with LGBT community.  I thought most were nice.  They are not.   In the 20+ years I’ve experienced such an abusive bunch of women who seem to want nothing more than to crush the spirit of other women.   It’s dog eat dog betrayal and overall not the healthiest people in the world.   I come out of all that pretty damaged & I need to heal.   I’ve been cursed at, bullied, treated with a lot of disrespect, stalked by a woman I wasn’t friends with nor liked ( twice)who followed me to my apartment 3 times.    I never want anything to do with gay women ever.   I understand how some people in society dislike gay women, they’re not the nicest nor the most sensitive.   I realize what I’m saying is controversial to some, however I don’t care because this is what I’ve experienced.   I must say that I feel free almost at peace with my decision.   I now don’t believe in intimate relationships, same sex marriage, moving in together all set ups for failure.   It’s somewhat ironic to me that within the community there is all this brouhaha over getting respect when the LGBT don’t seem to respect anyone but what they want for themselves.   I know for I used to hang out with some of these women who I thought were friends.    Hypocrisy seems to play into most of the women’s agenda.  Gay women also love to intimidate I have an example: Years ago I was at a bar waiting my turn to play pool, once the women were done me & my friends at the time were set to rack up the balls.  This one woman tried to intimidate me into giving up my turn, I wasn’t having that & I told her to go to hell.  Luckily it did not progress into a fight.  You women out there need to be careful who you try to mess with, some of you could get hurt I don’t mind catching a case when you mess with me. Women also love to gossip about someone they don’t like ,they’re jealous of other women, they love to bully other women, again I ain’t having that so it’s for that reason I won’t have ANYTHING to do with those trifling women there is no love in that community only a lot of hate & hostility.  The gay women are the worst in how they treat other women.  I’ve seen & experienced it all and I’m through!

What a waste of time.   Despite the horrible experiences with the majority of women I’ve met I’m still optimistic but nonetheless I’m mistrustful (with good reason too) of getting close to any woman.   And I’m okay with that, because let me tell you there are a lot of crazy, ill mannered ,and very , very abusive women out there.  I’m not anxious to meet any of them.   Aah women, such a crazy bunch.   So glad I’m single.  I plan on staying that way.   One more thing about some gay women is that when one is attracted to another then the other woman is not aware or perhaps isn’t interested the woman who has the attraction gets all stupid & immature.   Women stop having expectations.   If your attracted to the woman either say hi then if nothing else is happening……it’s a sure sign the woman isn’t interested so go on your way & find someone else.   Being weird won’t get you anywhere!   And knock it off with the damn disrespect YOUR NOT A MAN!   Stop leering, staring, and playing those stupid games and grow up for God’s sake!  I’m adding on here several months after posting this that all of the women seemed to be lacking in any morals.   I really regret having ever hung out with them.   I won’t go into some of the big mistakes & poor judgement calls made with these cretins but what I will say is that with the exception of one woman who currently

resides in the state of Georgia nearly all the other women  possessed such low class.  People I cannot stress the importance of volunteering, joining a church or even trying to reconnect with your family if that’s possible.     I’m not sure what my future holds, but I can tell you that I’m no longer interested in any possible relationship I want friendships only but certainly not anything intimate.    It’s about college getting that degree, becoming a homeowner moving out of Washington to someplace rural & slower paced then getting a dog.   I’ll then be at peace.

Because that lifestyle is for the birds & not for me any longer.    I’m done.