Thank You All That Visit My Blog

This goes out to all of you out there that have visited my blog.  Thank you, because right now I’m in the throes of my illness it sucks!  I’m like two different people, when I check my stats….WOW!  Not only do I get visits from people in the United States but from different countries as well.   It never occurs to me that people all over suffer (do you suffer I guess you do) or deal with the same kinds of issues I suffer from.   Let me just say that for those of you lucky enough to be in a relationship, or have close family make sure that you tell them that you love them.   Cause it’s rough out here! As a Post Script, seeing that someone is reading my blogs helps me in ways you’ll never know, like dealing with a control freak, condescending Mother who talks down to you like your a complete idiot.