Hate Groups Are Out The Gate!

Ever watch those horse races when the bell rings & all those jockeys on horses are out the gate?   Well, now picture the white supremacists instead of the jockey’s on the horses & you basically have the same thing.   DING and there out the gate the hate groups coming to a hometown near you spewing how much they love country + Donald Trump.     What prompted me to blog this however is the front page caption on the newspaper I happen to catch today.   The following read: “Hate Groups Vow More To Come”.    Now for ME, AS  an African American female this doesn’t scare me as it makes me angry!   I’m thinking right now “What year is this exactly”?   I mean are we back to the 1950’s when my Mother was growing up?  Or the 1960’s when people were getting hosed by the Alabama Fire Dept for standing up for their rights?

I just don’t know.   But I do know I’m not scared!  But I will learn how to defend myself & look into it right away!  I’m afraid that I may need it, and that might be sooner than later unfortunately.    Can’t say I’m surprised, because all my life going back to my childhood days my rights always were violated.   On a daily basis everyone.   Takes an act of cowardice to pick on a skinny black girl.   What can I say?   I’m jaded, cautious, always weary.      When I say crazy ass world I don’t say that lightly.   It is a crazy world.   No one cares about their fellow man, ANYONE nonwhite is a target for: hate, danger, and more hate , so basically danger.   It has got so bad I don’t trust anyone & I’m okay with that because in this cutthroat world at least I can keep myself alive.     And Louis Armstrong sings “oh what a wonderful world”? (any of you heard of that song?)  I think not!  sadly old Louis must have been high on pot when he sang that one(He was known to smoke it everyday I mean who knew?).    Lets see what the world brings tomorrow although sadly I ain’t optimistic.    

To be continued……………….. 😦