Lets Talk About Suicide

I’m not an expert on the subject, but lets face it living life the way I do is a bitch!   No I have no magical answers, because I have to some level I want to die just about everyday.   I don’ t like living on my own, I don’t like not having the kind of friends that I want, I don’t like the quality of my life.    I do nothing, go nowhere, and I feel stuck, I have to tell you I do the best I can to problem solve but I end up with nothing.  I have tons of regrets wished I could have started life in ANY city than the one I live in.   The Pacific Northwest SUCKS!   It’s full of hate yes it is, liberal my ass!   Lgbt are hateful, whites are hateful, African Americans treat you like an alien, and other minorities act as though you don’t even belong.     I call it as I see it.    Therapists don’t want to deal with certain minorities don’t believe me do the research yourself…….if your latino:  great,   Asian: great   African American: sorry I have no openings .

And the constitution says every man is created equal?   I think not everyone.  Bruce Lee once was quoted as saying that the U.S. constitution everyman was created equal…..yeah everyone that’s white.

African Americans have a high suicide rate.   A person can only take so much.   I want to be loved, treated equally but that just isn’t going to happen.   I’m hoping to make it happen for myself but that is easier said than done.   Because I only know all too well that no one gives a damn about me.    I’m the invisible woman or I’m often looked upon with great disdain.    Really?   I’ve suffered at the hands of people who’ve done nothing but want to hurt me since I was 5 years old everyone one if you only knew the indignities, bullying, molestation were no one else was around to see to it that I was safe.   It’s now hard NOT  TO see that when it comes to women especially black women we seem as disposable as a tampon.    More to come

Don’t Jump!  Life still is shit.     😦