My Thoughts While Riding The Disabled Van


Good Morning to you all over the World!  I appreciate you all that take time to read me.  Okay I got that out the way.   I have something on my mind.   I ride a van

This van is paid for by the County of the state I live in , it’s called paratransit.  I usually ride it on long trips.    As part of the ride the driver usually has to pick up other passengers, I’ve gotten used to it & sometimes it makes the rides interesting.

Well!  On a ride coming home from another county the driver of the van had to pick up a volunteer prison chaplain  at the county jail.   Now this particular gentleman isn’t a bad guy he just likes to talk a little bit too much & worse he tells the CORNIEST jokes, I mean the kind were you shake your head or cover your head in your hand.   So, when the driver of the van announced that we were going over to the county jail to pick up the prison chaplain (I’ve rode with him before you see) I kind of groaned.   But I was in an okay mood, plus there was nothing I could do about it anyway.   So, the prison Chaplin boards the van & immediately he starts talking all the way to his seat.  In fact he didn’t stop.

 The chaplain then turned around in his seat (with his seat belt still fastened) to talk to me about the inmates he does outreach to.  But here is what he said:  “Well the only difference between me & the inmates is that I haven’t gotten caught”.   I understood him but didn’t agree with him 100% ( I stayed quiet)  the prison chaplain says that he was young once.  However, and I’ve did my share of bad things too, you just have to have something in you I don’t know what that is a line drawn in the sand, an inner voice whatever that tells you to STOP!  before the bad or illegal act is done.  I guess it’s a moral compass?  Many don’t seem to have it.   A lot of times you need to THINK before you do an act.  Many have never been taught that as youngsters.   

Take me for example I grew up in such an abusive environment here is how my step mother & my weakling Biological father would talk to me as a child….YOU NEED TO THINK!   or WHY DON’T YOU THINK?  or GOD DAMN IT JUST THINK!  During all this yelling I would be puzzled think to myself “think about what”?  Of course I couldn’t say that, want to know why?  I would catch a physical beating with God knows what.   Or sent to my room a.k.a. what I nick named solitary confinement (literally)

When that chaplain told me this it made me think about some things.  One is that a person just can’t go out & do whatever he/she wants (unless you got power) If your an average jane or joe you have to watch your step especially minorities.   And the other thing the prison chaplain had said was that the inmates ages ranged from 16 years of age…..16 years old everyone ( that’s a baby) to about 80.    I was told that the 16 year old boys were in the county jail for MURDER!  Say goodbye to your life youngsters!    

“All those young boys needed was a Father figure”  said the chaplain.  That made sense to me, as a female I grew up without a father around even though he was physically present in the ROOM sometimes!  (See my blog on No one had the time)

My role model of a Father was Lucas McCain from The Rifleman tv series, or Ward Cleaver from the Leave It To Beaver 1950’s tv classic show.  I loved Ward.

I guess I could consider myself lucky?  Because females make up a FAST growing inmate population in the United States everyone in fact the United States has THE highest inmate population in the entire World!   Don’t believe me go on YouTube or Google it up!  It’s terrible here.   Makes me want to catch a flight out of here!  Only thing that stops me is money right now.   Be glad that some of you who  read my blog don’t live in this crazy country the U.S. has so many problems in fact too many to list.   I stay vigilant especially whenever I walk out of my apartment door.

To be continued   & Stay safe!