Calling all intelligent quality people. Where are you??

 UGH!   I’m so tired of these crusty, drug addicted,drug dealing, sexual offender, low life types of people that I see everywhere I turn.   It’s bad here.   An example, there is a woman who works across the street at a convenience store who has never heard of combing her hair or wearing a bra!   I like PRETTY, I like ATTRACTIVE.   I am not ashamed to say that.  Here it’s gross!  add to that I have ZERO plans for Labor Day weekend.   But oh well.   It sucks.   The weather is sure nice, however I’m not in it.  

Nothing!   I sure won’t be stupid enough to call my Mother, she is DEPRESSING!  After speaking to her I will surely want to jump off a bridge.    Don’t know if you all out there know what I mean?   You probably don’t.    I have no family.   That sucks.  I have been reduced to signing up again for a dating app.   I have no fancy phone for taking a selfie, so I’m going the old fashioned route & taking studio photographs.   Usually the photos get uploaded or whatever you call it onto a disc so that it can be uploaded.   However I’m not holding my breath.   It’s hard because I’m picky.   I tried re applying on Facebook but it seems that I’m disabled or my email is disabled whatever that means, which is fine because I hate Facebook, it is the most phoniest social media app on the planet.   I probably pissed off the wrong people or I probably did something wrong what that was I don’t know or care.  Can anyone relate to how lonely I am?   I mean my story should be on the news if you want to know the truth.   I’m tired of hearing how some people may not stay in the Country, Hell I don’t have anything in my life worth living.   I do care about the people in the Houston area & their floods.    Other that I’m in a whole world of pain without a soul to talk to.   No one wants to hear it I guess.   What a shame.   Well that’s it guess I’ll watch some Amazon prime.     Life SUCKS!