I was almost in an accident

Alright everyone, at least I can’t say that nothing exciting doesn’t happen actually it almost did.    I was almost in an vehicle accident in the van I was riding.

So yesterday I was coming home from a restaurant, I’m riding the para transit van.   Right after the van dropped off a very annoying special needs young man (Oh God was he annoying) the driver turns around & begins to exit from the driveway of the cul de sac.    Okay Let me paint this picture to the best of my ability .   

When you stop your vehicle at the mouth of the driveway here is what you see.

There is a barrier that runs down the middle of the street, which I believe had some plants right on it’s barrier, so you can’t just go over it onto the other side.

This driver instead of making a right turn, then finding one of those turning lanes or finding a place to turn around, this is what he did instead (hopefully your following)

The van driver makes a turn DIRECTLY INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!  Now, the lanes were empty, but only for a few seconds because boys & girls the next thing I see is ALL THIS ONCOMING TRAFFIC BLARING their fucking horns!   I felt as though I were in a dream.   Truth was I wasn’t scared, I’m so ambivalent about my life I may not have cared.    I’m not sure, but I didn’t feel scared or anything.   I did jokingly say to the driver the following “are you trying to get us all killed”? Because not only was I on the van , but there was also a quadriplegic, and a couple of mentally challenged adults.    It could be why today I’m such a basket case , I’m cursing & carrying on.     What a life people!   I only wish I were making this up.  I’m not!  I ride a disabled van ( I have some minor physical disabilities, I only ride it so I don’t have to ride the bus which has become dangerous, that’s another blog)

And now the driver has almost killed us all on the damn van!   Life is weird!  See I don’t have anyone else to tell this to, hence I write on this blog & share it with you.  for those of you who have money, your rich & have cars to drive in?  Count your blessings because riding on these vans you don’t know who your placing your life with.   Shit , I’d rather have my 76 year old Mother driving me.    I do know how to drive, but guess what?  I can’t afford a car.    I know that I get readers from all over the world which is great!   However I have no idea what the cost of a car is in your country but here in the United States Of Have Not’s you practically have to sell a kidney to get a car.    Yes, it’s that expensive.   Not only that when you get the car there is insurance, maintenance, gas (or petrol) the list goes on & on.   So yes I’m a grown woman without a car.    Perhaps I’ll stick to taxi’s.    In this country there is something called Uber….sorry folks I don’t know much about it except it’s driven by civilians and you need a smart phone but guess what?  What the Fuck is a smart phone?  guess I can look it up on Google.   Needless to say I HAD to report the driver, I didn’t want to get him into trouble HOWEVER, this goober might do this again & when you have your disabled adult child on the van would you want this man driving them around?  So I chose to RAT OUT the driver for the safety of other disabled people.   I kind of hope he gets fired.    What are your thoughts?  Don’t worry I don’t expect an answer no one ever leaves any comments.   I’m just talking to myself.   Perhaps I’d better consider other modes of transport, for right now I sure don’t have many options!