Whatever Happened To The Kids On PBS Documentary Aging Out?

I have no idea who on this website loves documentaries.  I’m going to assume that no one does, I mean in this age of people watching that “Game Of Thrones”  among other tv bullshit,   I want to type a review on a documentary about 3 young people who have aged out of the state foster care system in California & New York.   

The doc was called “Aging Out”  meaning that once a child hits the age of 18 years old the state basically kicks them out of the foster care system to fend for themselves.   Pretty fucked up isn’t it?   At 18 years old you don’t know anything.

The documentary was made about 12 years ago back in 2004-05.   One thing I feel is enormous anger towards the adults in this documentary.   The film chronicles 3 young people they were:

Risa Bejarano –  May God rest her soul.   She died in 2004.  Murdered in downtown Los Angeles.  Her killer is now in prison.  Hope he rots + suffers.

David Griffin –  undiagnosed young man suffering from severe mental illness, no one seemed to care about him.  No idea if he is alive .   Can’t find any updates about him.

Daniellea Hova –  now married for sometime now.  She has 2 or 3 kids. Daniella was raised in the New York foster care system.  She bounced around a lot of different homes, and it seemed that she couldn’t really find a loving & supportive home.  Not much was mentioned except I suspect she got abused in a couple of the homes she was assigned to.   I didn’t blame her one bit for going AWOL  I mean if you were being mistreated would you want to stay in a home like that?  

Vesna Hova – Husband to Daniella.  He came to the United States as an infant orphan from Cambodia.  In the documentary not much is mentioned about where he stayed.   But he seemed to adjust & got some support (I guess) from his foster care placement.   Was real glad the two of them met.

The only adult I did really like was Risa’s foster Mother Delores she seemed like really good people.    

The others weren’t shit.   I’m furious with the following:

That Tom Wormhole guy who was the head of the boys group home located in Pasadena California.  Useless & clueless.    My question to him, if you have a troubled youth, who is undiagnosed with a mental illness & clearly needs GUIDANCE which you sure didn’t bother giving him since you were inept how in the HELL are you just going to kick him out without any kind of help?  You may have just as well said “I don’t give a damn what happens to you”?   and you did.   You disgust me!  Hopefully your not in a position to oversee a boys group home your methods from what I saw were pretty deplorable.  

The Deglasso’s – David Griffin’s foster parents.   OMG  if ever there was a couple that needed classes these two would be it.   So let me get this straight: YOU adopt a baby boy who was born to a Mother who had schizophrenia as a toddler, THEN WHAT?  You thought that the mental illness would not pass down to the boy?  Are you stupid?  Oh, then here is what is my favorite, when the 5 year old boy (David) becomes too much trouble the two of you return him like a retail purchase from a department store.   “Oh sorry, this one doesn’t work, we don’t want him sorry too much trouble.   Let me ask you if I could:  Are you in the foster care program for the money?  Children cause problems, they’re a headache, but guess what?  You can’t just return them like a pair of unwanted shoes!   Like you did to David.

Unfortunately, poor David was bounced around some 20+ homes since Carol & Mike Brady decided it was too hard.    I know all about those outbursts but people as foster parents IT IS UP TO YOU TO SEE TO IT THAT THEY GET THE PROPER CARE!   Children no matter how cute they may be ARE ALOT OF WORK, and require time.   Something the DeGlasso’s just didn’t want to do.   I couldn’t stand them.  

They left a bad taste to my mouth.

People when you decide on becoming a foster parent please realize that it is a HUGE commitment!  Your not just taking in a stray cute little puppy, these are human beings that need love & support and for some a lot of treatment.   Moving around is extremely traumatizing!   Let me say this again moving around from different home to home to home to home is traumatizing!   I know, and I didn’t even grow up in the foster care system.    

Message to the lawmakers in the state legislature pass some laws that protect foster children please, start earning those over inflated salaries for once.   Otherwise you’ll have more young adults dying way before their time, more homelessness, incarceration.   But politicians just don’t give a damn after all it ain’t their kids going through this!