Whining Youngsters Who Work Fast Food

I’ve been on YouTube a lot lately, its quite entertaining.  But lately I’ve noticed a lot of the young millennial types just whining about working retail, working fast food.  I tried to look up something from the customers point of view, and when I couldn’t find any I decided to write  something up on my own.   YOU youngsters, shut up will ya!   If all you can do is bitch about your job , then here is a news flash LEAVE!

I’ve worked fast food, it’s a hard job I was also quite good at it too.   Today though you have these people who don’t want to work, get an attitude with a customer, or in my case get a young girl trying to STEAL money from me so she can pocket it for later.   Grant it was only 35 cents but you know what if you do that to several customers it actually adds up!   And come on the damn register tells you how much change you get.    I have made the stance to permanently boycott McDonalds or any fast food restaurant.   Have you heard the saying of “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”   You have to earn your keep.   Be glad to have a job with a paycheck.   Nothing comes easy.   Nothing.   For me I’d rather get a quick snack at a convenience store than patronize McDonalds & the store I go to is adjoined all I would have to do is simply cross over no door just go right over.   But no thank you

As far as I’m concerned McDonalds is just as bad as the local drug house it  & its bratty employees need to be avoided at all costs, besides the food is REALLY unhealthy for the body.    Obnoxious employees who don’t even want to be there + bad food.   I can’t think of a better reason to avoid the GOLDEN ARCHES!