One Lousy Summer 2017

What do you think of when you think of summer?   Barbeques, swimming, road trips, camping, having people over for a grill?   Must be nice.   My summer I had a miserable one!  It sucked golf balls!   I did the best I could but dammit once again no one seemed to give a shit.  

First off I did try:   I called the community center in my local area.   See I would get one of those community center magazines in my mail box.   Happy as a clam I would peruse it trying to find activities or SOMETHING TO DO!   Well, I came across several summer activities that involved a group of people who would go places like the local community beach, or the park, stuff like that.   To my count there were something like a dozen different activities.    So guess what happened when I would call the community center?   Here is what I got:  “Sorry all the activities are full up for the summer”.    Want to know when I called?  APRIL!  Yup that’s right.   At that point I said to hell with it & threw the magazine away.  I can blame all the goddamned overcrowding & people moving here for that.   I’m angry.

Living here does suck!  So I basically slept due to the depression, watched TV mostly kept it on for noise because TV is really stupid, and surfed the internet.  I sank to the pit of depression.  

Living here is hell.   I hate it here.   To those of you who had a great summer, got to go on vacation or what have you?  I hate all of you.    Thanks for reading perhaps I’ll feel better tomorrow.  Right now all I want to do is stick my head in the oven.