Online Dating Part 2

Hello everyone,

So, this is a rant about the online dating site Zoosk.  They’re awful.  I need to ask anyone out there, am I the only one who is alone, and I mean all alone 24/7 , I don’t get to do anything, I have no one special in my life, and I’m struggling like mad trying to figure out my life.   Add to that I don’t have any pictures of myself because there is no one around who can take a picture of me, I really can’t afford to go to a studio, and I don’t possess a 600 dollar phone to take a damn selfie of myself.   I also don’ wish to take that selfie in the bathroom because for some reason unknown to me a lot of people do that.   See everyone this is what happens when you DON’T have anyone around you that explains anything to you.    Like me.

I don’t have anyone around me that I can ask questions of.   I have an elderly Mother but we’re not very close, don’t live together, and she isn’t the picture taking type nor is she any good at it.  Everyone else is DEAD!   There is no one else.   I struggle by just putting food on the table & making rent.   I don’t live a life of happy were I get to pose for pictures, although I sure wish I did.    It sure would be nice.  But in reality that isn’t the case for me.   Does anyone on here understand where I’m coming from?    Taking pictures really are the last thing on my mind!   I did try the online dating site called ZOOSK, however that site has a very stupid rule, although I paid for the subscription so I can answer other members, I can’t send any messages online to other members.   Why?  according to what Zoosk said it was because I didn’t upload a photo.   I don’t have a photo.  What I do have is SKYPE which is better in my opinion.   See, my point is you can’t be judgmental because people put phony pictures all the time, just watch the program Catfish.  I can’t be held responsible for some cretins bad behavior.   If that damn site would give me time then dammit I’d have a photo.   I’m not from the fucking Brady bunch nor do I have money for a fancy phone.    I have online SKYPE equipped right on my laptop!   I don’t like the judgmental treatment shown to me.   It isn’t right.  Don’t vilify me for the mistakes others have done.  I’m an honest woman.   But Zoosk doesn’t give a damn hell they’re just in this for the profit.    Yet another setback for me.   I’m selective, picky, so it’s off to the photography studio and try another site.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.