Idiots In The Hood.

Please stop smoking that damn weed out in public.   It may be legal, however smoking in the parking lot of the neighborhood strip mall is just not an appropriate place.   Weed makes a person stupid.  Yes it’s legal, made legal by the evil people high up it’s still no excuse because it’s a DRUG!  Your supposed to smoke that garbage IN DOORS!  Whats worse here is that the male idiots who seem to think it’s okay to smoke that stinky shit, ARE DRIVING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR!   Young dope heads what is wrong with you?  Oh I know YOUR HIGH!  So there goes your brain cells.   What do you think your in High (no pun intended idiots) school?   I’d much prefer that you light a cigarette at least its not as offensive.   And for those of you who haven’t smelled marijuana it has a real pungent offensive smell.   If it’s that chronic shit… smells much, much worse.

I don’t like weed.  It makes you lazy, stupid, and oh yeah LAZY!   I can take pride that I never voted to legalize it.   But I know all too well the evil people who run this so called country were responsible for legalizing this ah America going down the tubes by the day can’t wait to leave this sorry country one day.   Selfish morons go home please I for one don’t want to be witness to your ignorance you make my head hurt.   I can’t think of a more ignorant thing than smoking weed.   Hey why not sniff paint?   You’ll get a high & damage your brain cells all the more instantaneously.   People who smoke are lame.     A drug is a drug.   Keep a clear head.  Your brain is a temple not a garbage dump.