Gangs Are Bullies!

I want to write two blogs this is one of them, this is about gangs & how I hate them.  They’re arrogant, mean, sociopathic.   I can’t seem to understand how since they don’t own zoning rights how these cretins can just TAKE OVER any sidewalk they please right out in the middle of the day drinking a 12 pack of Corona’s.   these are young men who block the sidewalk at 4:30PM.   I can’t stand them.   Sorry young men you aren’t all that I don’t care how much clout you may or may not have.  I don’t know last time I checked I have the right to walk to & from the store without feeling intimidated.   

I have no love for you .   But hey you belong to a gang so that makes you so invincible to anything.  You can take over where ever you want right?   Gangs are losers.   I don’t care if you have no family of your own.  So?   Be your own man & not some follower.