If Your Having Problems At Home.

I only wished I had someone with whom I could have talked to when I was young who bothered to LISTEN.   Or saw to it I was in a stable environment.   I’m going through tremendous issues that come up time & time again.   These issues don’t go away either.   I think these issues have surfaced due to the incident that happened a few weeks ago regarding a very drunken, belligerent neighbor who kept appearing on the floor I lived on & he was bothering his Wife.   No idea about their living situation what did bother me was the abuse & drunkenness.

This is for anyone experiencing a difficult abusive situation that may involve one or all of the following at home:

A family member (or spouse) who comes home drunk & belligerent.

Someone who comes home aggressively angry over anything.   Example of one such phrase (and it still haunts me) could be “where’s dinner”?

Someone who is VERBALLY abusive i.e. someone who swears at you, calls you HORRIBLE NAMES, raises their voice higher than usual.

Someone who is threatening you.  And yes it could be your one of your parents guilty of this crime.

Someone who is acting VERY inappropriately.   I won’t insult your intelligence because many of you know what I’m talking about.

If you find that you are in a problematic situation make sure you go to TALK to someone.    Call your local crisis line, reach out to a relative do something but don’t stay silent.    Because this can & does damage your psyche in ways that I can’t describe.   In short messes up your life.   

Now here are some of the most ignorant things I’ve heard as a teen having lived with an mentally unstable Mother that my relatives have said to me.

“Just do as your told”

“Help your mother out more”

“Take your Mother out to Mc Donald’s ( I was told this when I was 16 or 17)

Try not to give your Mother problems”

The list goes on & on.   What I’ve learned is that when it comes to certain people they just choose to look the other way then offer up band aid solutions that don’t help whatsoever.    It doesn’t matter what you do an unstable person if they don’t seek professional help, and WANT help will never get better.   I’ve learned that unstable people blow everything minor way out of proportion.   If your in this type of situation get out immediately then go somewhere safe!   If your a minor that might be your school were you attend then seek out a trusted counselor.   

While I was housesitting for a friend she has a niece still in high school who is going through a toxic family environment of both parents that are heavy drinkers & who get very belligerent & evil towards their own kids and I mean the verbal abuse is not limited to just a few curse words they are words that NO WOMAN ever wants to hear let alone a child.   She is staying with the friend, and I was told the gruesome details.   Tough as I am I wanted to vomit.   Mentally I just felt tired & depressed.    This may sound bad but I was relieved when the young lady went over to her friends house.   Can’t handle that again.    As for myself I’ve found a counselor I just have to take the next step in making the appointment.

It would be so nice to actually meet someone who comes from a HEALTHY family environment who didn’t deal with:

Alcoholism, domestic violence, mental instability.    What this feels like is being in the trenches of a full scale WAR!  Even if your lucky to survive, your just not the same.