Boycott All Starbucks

Yep, I have to say it Starbucks makes me sick!  You know what?  I’d rather get my coffee at the local 7-eleven or any other convenience store than walk into that corporate circle of hell!  Aside from the fact that their coffee sucks i.e. too bitter sans any real coffee flavor I just hate that company especially when I learned of the Salt Lake City Starbuck & the type of behavior the exhibited to that poor homeless man, who seemed nice & harmless.   I thought he seemed nice.

His clothes were clean, he probably could have washed his hair but since when is that a crime?

I don’t know what it is about working at a Starbucks that makes the employees so unpleasant especially the MANAGEMENT !   It must be a requirement to be a total uptight individual to get that job.   I mean if I were in there as a customer (HA) I wouldn’t care as long as he wasn’t bothering me , as long as he wasn’t totally flipping out with a gun or something.   I just wouldn’t care.  In my opinion a person could do better than get a job with Starbucks.   I once remember someone used to know who had a job with Starbucks.  She was accused of stealing out of the cash till.  She said she didn’t I believe her.   I remember asking her if there were any video.  She said no (really no video?)  and since she was newly hired, just as quick she was fired.   That saying last hired, first fired applied where she worked.  I strongly suspected discrimination.   And with so many hands in the till I’m quite sure one of the OTHER employees dipped into the till.   Stealing from a company then blaming someone else?   Sounds like the cutthroat environment of Starbucks.

Epilogue on that Starbucks manager who kicked out that poor homeless man.  The manager (who was secretly videotaped in the video, notice her hiding behind the espresso machine?)  Wouldn’t provide any comment.   Shocker!  Can you say B U L L Y?  A bully!  Congratulations Ms Manager your Mother must be very proud.   I don’t know what your name is  ….wait I know it’s horse’s ass, which is what you acted like in the way you treat people especially a poor homeless man.  So Lets review Starbucks history:

From what we now know they have had:

A disgusting franchise logo (which later was cropped down to be less offensive)

The franchise treats it’s employee’s like dirt.


When a person is down & out trying to sit down for a cup of coffee that person can be assured to be THROWN OUT!   No dignity whatsoever.  Just humiliate the guy. GRRRREAT!

Some kind of country we live in huh?      😦