Another Chapter Of My Life Lost & Almost Joined A Cult!

Greetings Friends in the U.S. and especially around the globe.

I’m shut in my apartment as usual in fact it’s almost 3AM here were I live.  I don’t have much in the way of plans so I will get little sleep, then nap here & there.   I want to share a bit back to a time in my life when I was young, very lost & with no direction in my life whatsoever, oh & I was also severely depressed without any family support which sucks.    I was even at more of an all time low than what I am today.  My depression that year was CRIPPLING me.  I almost felt as though I should have been in a wheelchair.

That would be the time when I almost joined a cult.   To be honest with you I almost joined the Church Of Scientology a very long time ago.   Why?  I’ll tell you.  I was approached by a person on the street in Belltown of Seattle(about one mile north of downtown) where their offices were located at the time back when they handed out pamphlets.  It was explained to me that by joining this so called religion The Church Of Scientology would make my life a complete success .  I would have no more depression, I would be happier along with more  promises  made one I remember was that  I would have a 360 degree turnaround all across the board with my life.   I was given the book  Dianetics.  I don’t remember if I was given a personality test with that weird meter it was a long time ago. So let me tell you that I did attempt to read this book & despite being an avid reader with an extensive vocabulary with good reading comprehension, I just could not understand a single word written in it.   Something else too that was odd.  I felt uncomfortable having the book in my home it felt like something evil to me.   Now this was way before I knew ANYTHING about all the evil that this…..thing called a church does to it’s members especially one’s that leave.   What I did was I only got through one or two chapters of the book which I couldn’t understand, I felt so disgusted that I walked down the hall of my apartment building then threw the book down the garbage Shute.   I was much younger than I am now, and I couldn’t really tell you the WHY but that’s what I did.   Now! on that odious book looking back on it all these years later the Church’s founder L.Ron Hubbard who wrote the book Dianetics used his own language (gibberish in my opinion) to write the book.  In later years many people postulate that L. Ron Hubbard was insane. LRH died in 1986.

And still to this day I receive mailings from the Church Of Scientology at my Mothers address, I used to reside at her house in the days when I was in between apartments so I would use her address.   She gets worried.  I tell not to be I blew those lunatics off long ago.   What made me bring this subject up was watching various documentaries on YouTube about Scientology (YouTube is the only social media I will use).  As well I love Leah Remini  she is the one who starred in King Of Queens TV show.  Leah was an ex member and I think that there might be a reality show of her about how she gives support to ex members.   I’m not 100% sure because I left the YouTube page to come to this webpage to write about my very BRIEF experience with Scientology.   And let me tell you all out there they seem DANGEROUS!  They seem worse than a street gang.   More like an organized crime gang.   There are a lot of things that FRIGHTEN me about this World most of which I’m too scared to share on here, but Scientology is certainly one of them.   I’ll talk with you later, I want to make a pot of coffee.     Peace!