How I’ll Spend My Thanksgiving.

Basically, I just don’t like to spend any holiday alone but if I must then I’ll do it my way.   I really don’t have a healthy family.   I have an elderly Mother who is married to a man who loves his bong so that rules out Mom’s house.   So, in my own time honored tradition I like to eat Chinese food & watch movies on DVD.  

I’m hoping  the movie A Christmas Carol might be on TV which version I couldn’t really tell you because there has been so many.  I’ve already ordered 2 movies which I like to collect on    I don’t like Netflix (they suck).   However

And this may sound weird, but I’d rather come from a loving family that’s poor & homeless than spend the holiday(s) alone with a roof over my head.   No matter how many times you’ve done this it never gets any easier.   I’d like to know how you all spend the holidays.   What I do know is that the suicide rates spike this time of year.   I’m on a medication regiment so at least the suicide voices in my head aren’t as pronounced.  

This year I even want to order an artificial Christmas tree  I like the white ones they’re prettier.   I want to decorate it & everything.   I’ve never wanted to do that in several YEARS.

This year the movies I’m ordering are:

FX  starring Bryan Brown it was made in the 80’s did you know that Dodi Fayed helped produce the movie?  Does the name sound familiar to anyone? He was Princess Diana’s last boyfriend.

Godfather 2.

It sucks being alone again.  But that’s okay.  Next Thanksgiving might be better.