Lets Talk About Sexual Harassment

As a female living in this United States of America I have had to endure SO MUCH humiliation, degradation, and being put upon by the male class.   I’ve suffered since the age of 10 years old (I think) .   I’m tired of it.   What brings me to write about it is a trigger.   Having problems with prejudice at the good old Housing Authority that helps with my rent.   I’m okay with the apartment I live in, it’s small which I don’t like, but I’m okay with it.  However I’m giving serious thought to moving due to how horrible the housing authority is treating me.  And what I’m doing is thinking down the road to what kind of place I want to move to.

Biggest issue is PRIVACY!  I am at the point in my life were I don’t want to be bothered by anybody.    These days, I’m having men as well as women trying to talk to me.   Not interested.   Usually there is always some ulterior motive going on in the back of the mind of someone wanting to get friendly.   Always.   So, I’m worried about being bothered.   I’ve had a real bad experience with a woman who just wouldn’t leave me alone.  Wouldn’t take no for an answer.   Then the retaliation , the slamming of doors, pounding on my door like the police are known for.  I’m not so much worried about finding another place, but what will await me once I arrive there.   My lease won’t run out until June so at least I’ll have plenty of time, but give how much I’ve been harassed all through out my adulthood, it concerns me.

Just because I am African American, single, without children does not mean I’m anxious to get to know anyone.   Basically it breaks down like this:  I talk to who I want when I want.   Only exception is when I’m on a job.   

I value my privacy.