TV Holiday Commercials Piss Me Off.

For those of you reading my blog I get a regular antennae  of basic channels.   I only watch on station which shows old TV shows from the 50’s-90’s.   I hate the new crap out.   But in between the shows the TV network will have some stupid something regarding the holidays to insure that you watch their shows.

One, is the catch phrase regarding the holidays (YUCK, the holidays) for example:

Me TV channel to do list ( regarding what to watch for Christmas on Me TV)  .    I was a bit irritated & I shot back “How about keeping sane, and not entertaining suicidal ideation”.    Sometimes people in general can be kind of stupid when it comes to say how people spend the holidays.   It’s not a fun time of year for everyone, I just wish some people would understand that!   Not all of us have families to visit, or if we have a relative they do drugs & the environment is toxic.    This society is lost & clueless.  That’s my 2 cents.