Women Are Often Ignored In The World.

Tonight as I was house sitting for the weekend I came across a documentary.  It was about a boot camp for young men who get into trouble.  I did not watch it all b/c of the TV computer glitch it was one of those programed TV menu computer things were the app’s fill up causing the program to just disappear off the screen.

Most frustrating.   Anyway, I was annoyed over the preceding message prior to the program.   It was a simple message regarding an A list celebrity who was arrested 8 times but through hard work & displine he was a success.  

First off all that message was only half right as there are other extenuating circumstances which of course were left out.  First the celebrity is a male & as everyone knows males always have preference in the U.S.   The other is that SOMEONE helped this celebrity meaning someone I don’t know whom probably opened some doors for this person .  I’ve been around a long time so I know what I’m talking about.   There are lots of people myself included who as a juvenile ran into lots of trouble with Police I’m overlooked, or when I share my story no one believes me.   I’ve spent many, many times in the back of a police squad car.  No one even bothered to help or mentor me.   With the exception of two police officers who did save my life out of an abusive parental situation everyone else merely wrote me off.     I have no criminal record as an adult.   Now that was hard work & no one gave me any encouragement it was more like discouragement & sometimes it would be accompanied with a fatalistic prophecy along with personal insults.   Of course it was an HBO documentary which is media based anyway so I’m not surprised.   

I also really don’t believe in those teen boot camps either.   I’m of the belief that no matter how young you are you make choices in your life whether good or bad.  I made choices to no go down the wrong path, now I wasn’t perfect but for the most part I hated doing anything illegal or hanging out with people who were providing a deleterious influence .   No one really cared, in fact during the time I was growing up I had the strong feeling that certain adults that were supposedly providing a so called (or no guidance) wanted me to fail.    I get a bit testy even jealous because what I could write a book over the perilous childhood & yes it was fraught with a lot of danger for me as a young child no one I mean no one wanted to be bothered,   I just feel that everyone deserves to tell their story especially if they barely survive it.   And by survive I was almost:


Almost lured by a pimp

Almost shot by my former crazy stepfather during an interrogation

Screamed at by my Mother while she was driving me home I was 13

And more degradation.

I may not be an A list celebrity, I don’t have much, and as a woman who suffers much discrimination, I just wish I could garner just some attention.

As I’ve said earlier in my blog those teen boot camps?  I feel don’t do a damn bit of good.   What does do some good is paying attention to your kids.   It doesn’t take much just tell them that you love them & quit using them, and treating them like adults.     This world is so unfair to women.    I sure won’t sugarcoat it.