Why Do Clicques Insist Upon Taking Over?

I’ve just about had it with certain groups who think that they can just come to a neighborhood keep anyone from walking down the side walk  just so they can set up a stupid altar for a vigil on public property between the building I live on & the adjoining cluster of townhomes?  

Latest irritant.   A group of young people have decided to just hold a vigil complete with candles that they lit (at first I thought the group was about to commit arson), 3-4 bunches of red roses ( which you give to someone you love like your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend) and 2 red bandanas ( I’ll leave that one for you to figure out)  .    I came upon this “scene” by chance yesterday.  Once again the sidewalk was blocked by the cars open doors so I crossed the street.

Basically what left me really scratching my head was why would you hold a vigil between were 2 properties lie?  And by a fire hydrant?  Based on what I know usually a vigil complete with candles usually translates to someone being killed either right on the spot or very near the spot where a person lost his/her life.  I know this because I’ve watched actual crime documentaries .  I’m not happy with what I saw.   I really don’t need to know someone lost their life, I can’t handle when someone I know passes away.   If I could have asked this group of people I would have asked them WHY would you have this out in the open for everyone to see?   Shouldn’t something like this be more private?   Also there was a public park just right across the street complete with picnic benches.

What this told me was that these people just didn’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.   I don’t think I want to live at an apartment complex riddled with these kind of people.  I have zero tolerance for bullies even dangerous ones.  I’ll have to move when my lease ends.   People like these don’t care, which is fine but when the shit hits the fan & weapons get drawn?   I’d prefer not to be caught in the cross fire.   This whole situation has given me a headache.  Here was the reason given by the group who was responsible for the vigil out behind the building where I live. 

It’s not much but according to the information here is what was told to my property manager the group of people holding this vigil had said that it was someone  they knew who passed awaynearby in the area.    And, that was ALL that was said.    I got basically the same information from a law enforcement source.   The law enforcement source said that there was nothing wrong with holding a vigil,  I beg to differ but that’s my opinion.  Of course anyone with half a brain could see that there was more to the story.      SO what I will do is AVOID like the PLAGUE the back door exit of the building where I live just like it’s diseased, like it’s a contagion because it’s were those people love to hang out & intimidate with their prescence .   Those people I guess can have their little patch of sidewalk…SMH that really belongs to the CITY & not to THEM!    And make my plans.   Everything adds up to a not so great equation.   I may not have been very good at math in school but I sure as hell can see what all of this adds  up to…..DISASTER!  Update: I just had a moment of clarity on the gang problem.   I strongly suspect that what these people were doing in setting up this so called vigil was to convey a message.

That message was:  We run this area.   Because these people run in the shadows having this vigil out in the open sends a big message.