Having a really hard time with all of the hate!

I have a pretty thick skin, however even I have a limit.   I have a very hard time with the racism particularly aimed at African Americans.  I never hear about that anywhere.   I grew up during a time in California were I never dealt with that B.S.

Here in the B.S. Pacific Northwest I will occasionally see these signs that say the following “This is a hate free zone”   what a bunch of B.S.!   In the last 7 years I’ve heard the word nigger at least 12 times.    No one does anything either.  No one is up in arms or even cares.    Hey, mad at someone of black heritage threaten them & add in a couple of racial slurs.    Police don’t care ( useless either they use deadly force OR when blacks are threaten, attacked by others they do NOTHING)

Its times like these I must reevaluate everything about life.  If I had the means I would definitely live outside the country.    This country stinks!    I’m treated like dogs****.      But at least I can start by moving out of that awful trailer park (It’s not a trailer park but sure feels like it) of an apartment building.  This can’t keep up much longer, I can’t take it.   The quality of people have deteriorated to such a low level.   I guess I’ll be alright, but I’m wounded so psychologically that you can’t even imagine.   The pain cuts very deep.