Live From Auburn Wa.

I was trying for some humor here with the title.   You know like the opening of Saturday Night Live?   Except I’m in BORING Auburn Wa.   So not exciting…BUT I’m checked in at the La Quinta Inn for a quiet New Years Eve away from my crazy unstable neighbor that I’ve been having problems with since this past summer.

Picture going to the worst part of town with the craziest people screaming & acting all kinds of unstable & you have  my next door neighbor.   I think it may be drugs b/c of the side effects & all.   People do drugs primarily to escape pain, and illegal drugs are far easier to get then prescribed drugs, that’s not my quote that is from Lost Angels a documentary about the skid row area in downtown Los Angeles.

My only New Years Eve resolution is to live in peace.   That & find a job.   I also don’t want to run into anymore gang members they’re a scary bunch.   Just this evening on my way to getting dinner at a restaurant nearby I saw a graffiti memorial to someone named Smiley spray painted under the freeway overpass signed with the letter & number X3  scary.   It was hard to miss.     My journey is proving to be so incredibly difficult.   No one really has any time for me which in some ways I don’t mind however it sure doesn’t feel good either.    Even my own Mom cuts conversations short & sometimes I’m not all that close with her.    

I would like to have some friends but I’m selective & it’s so hard to trust anyone.   I don’t know if say someone might be into drugs or worse some sort of criminal activity.   One slang I learned off of YouTube was this one:  The year of the L’s.

Have you heard of that phrase?  I learned off of a YouTube show Know The Ledge a show I sometimes watch.   L’s means losers.   I sure have seen a lot of those this year.    All I want to do is live in peace everyone.   No more scary drug addicts, or violent alcoholics & I don’t mean someone who has a few drinks but a full blown alcoholic who turns into a monster I’ve had neighbor that I’ve lived next door to who’ve been just like that.    Hey all I want to do is live in peace I don’t need all of that.   If I may give you some advice?   Don’t turn to drugs, alcohol for escape your problem will still be there anyway.   But they don’t help.  Better to work that medical system & try to get on prescribed drugs then exercise.   If you smoke a cigarette that’s alright it’s bad for you sure but better than the drugs.   I don’t drink.   My system can’t handle it , and I no longer like the taste.     

I sure am grateful for some peace & quiet right now in this hotel room.   You see I shouldn’t have to put up with someone unstable.   I grew up with nothing but unstable people, also lewd as a young child I heard & was exposed to such horrible things that still affect me to this day.   And let me say that living all alone day in , day out for days weeks months years IS NOT EASY!  I don’t have family to turn to nor do I get very many phone calls.   Most times my cell phone doesn’t ring at all.  That is unbearable.   So when I’m able to tolerate living alone for such a long period of time the last thing I need is someone screaming at the top of her lungs, along with hearing sounds of what seems like a fight or wrestle mania going on next door.   I grew up with those sounds, Mother getting beat, screams, crying, moaning.   I have to tell you those sounds?  haunt you years after the trauma is over.   

All I want is to live in peace.