I Got Two Nasty Text Messages

From the owner of the senior center where my distant cousin who is elderly attends during the day.   Seems like she did not like how I spoke to my cousin.   I was accused of being rude, I don’t feel that I was.    I mean I was exasperated with my cousin on this Happy Birthday mess involving her Daughter whom I don’t know, am not close with etc.        All I did after I said that I don’t know her Daughter,  and after listening to the child like whining of my distant cousin I simply had enough my patience was running thin.   I simply told her that I had to go.   I am going through a lot of stress I’m moving to the Peninsula here in Washington were the Veterans temporary home is located.   At the same time I’ve got to clear out of my old apartment & I have to keep it on the down low too.   Government funding.

I don’t mind wishing someone a happy birthday……..if I know them & have a connection of some kind.   I swear this family which is of no blood relation seems to act like they’re the ROYAL FAMILY!   I feel as though I need to curtsy.     I eventually had to tell the harassing , stalking text message woman to F off & and leave me alone!   I want God to forgive me on that one.  But I was stressed & mad.