Life At The Transitional Home On The Peninsula.

It’s completely boring out here in this Peninsula town.   I kind of feel like I’m in jail.  There are rules.  Residents of the veterans transitional housing cannot stay out overnight, there’s a 11PM curfew, and the buses don’t run on Sunday.   The nearest movie theater is kind of hard to get to as well, but I can use my paratransit van because the Regal cinemas isn’t on the bus line you have to walk who knows how many miles to get to it once you get off the bus.   And the movie theater which is a multi plex has all the movies except the one I want to see.  A movie which came out last month.

Of course that movie isn’t playing instead that movie theater is playing a movie(s) which should now be moving along to the cheap 2nd run theaters that cost a few dollars.  Movies that have been out for over 6 months or more.  Hey if I’m going to pay the expensive movie theater ticket then it better be for a movie that I WANT TO SEE!  I took a proactive approach & emailed the corporate office.  I mean it’s my dollars that keep those morons rich.    It’s not like I can call them on the phone when all you get is an inane voice message & no live voice!     There is nothing to do here!  I’m already working to see about getting into another transitional house

I really wished that I had a good friend, just someone to call up to say “hey” and someone to hang out with.   I don’t do any of that romance shit.   No relationships those are man made prisons!   Another thing about staying here is that there is a cafeteria but the food is awful.   It’s free, but not that great.    As far as the other people honey I stay to myself.   I don’t mix with anyone here.   Here is why.

There are about 5 of us women we have our own dorm or wing the rest are men.  One woman I’ll call her Rhonda has a problem with boundaries & it seems she tries to treat me like a baby.  Eeew.   One evening she knocks at my door & she is giving me a flannel night gown + two pair of flannel underpants.  Now the problem is I never ever asked for pj’s.   When I ASK that is different.  I didn’t want the night gown & underpants.   I tried to be nice saying “I really don’t wear night gowns”  it didn’t seem to sink in for her.  Rhonda replies “That’s okay you can wear it around your room”.   Now I just told her that I don’t wear night gowns, what this told me was that she didn’t care if I didn’t wear night gowns she was being narcisstic.  She also says the following “I’ve lost weight so I can’t wear these anymore”  This woman has made reference to my weight.   Instead of getting mad I thanked her for the hideous pj’s then I just talked to the man in charge who runs the men & women’s floors.    I also gave him the pj’s .    Funny thing is here on the womens wing there is a charity closet that is filled with various clothes, pajamas, robes, for women who come to this place with not much.  This woman has lived in this place for over a year now, I’ve lived here only a few weeks.    Why not put those hideous pj’s in the women’s charity closet?   Because somehow I sense deep in my gut this woman was trying to insult me i.e   passive aggressive way.    I now steer clear of her.   I keep to my room leaving only to go to meals, the town’s library, or the store.

This woman is weird!  Don’t know what’s up with her but she does have a problem.

The pro’s of living here the property gets four legged deer that come looking to be fed.  That’s right.   I feed them apples only.   I don’t feed them out of my hand I just simply bite off a chunk of apple then toss it to them.   Sometimes it’s a family of them.   The momma, two teens, and a small runt of a deer we all call Bambi.   They are just as skittish of humans too.    But check it out when I saw my first deer earlier this month I freaked out because I’ve never, ever seen a deer in my life except on a nature show.   Don’t know what was behind my fear, except that well deer are wild animals aren’t they?   But these are gentle & all they do is simply stare at you with those big doe eyes.    I guess I am afraid that they would run into me or something.    I like deer.   I hate anyone that hunts deer.  Living here on the peninsula it’s boring, very cold, but mostly boring I have to watch out for that one because it affects people differently at this veterans place.

I was told a scary story which I will relate to you all.   I was riding the bus home coming from the local Albertsons.   An elderly Vietnam vet told me a story of a man who once lived in the exact same transitional housing as I am.   The man was on drugs and he got so out of control he ripped two automatic sliding doors off their track.   It was right were we women are living right now.   Since then that particular sliding door which leads directly onto a sky bridge is off limits to everyone.   And you know what?  I wouldn’t want to go out there.   Know why?

That deck is filled with bird poop! No one cleans it.   Total decay.   The place I stay in is a converted hospital.   I’m not doing all that great.   But at least I don’t hear screaming, I don’t have an angry Latina screaming racial slurs & threatening to harm me, kicking , screaming through my door.  I know that she isn’t representative  of all but she traumatized me.   At least there is no drunk & disorderly estranged husband showing up screaming for his wife to take him back, kicking in his wife’s door, then falling down completely DRUNK .   Have you ever heard a body hit the floor?   It’s very loud!  It’s literally like a dead weight.   At least I won’t have to walk in the hallways smelling pot, cigarettes ( I quit a couple of months or more ago)  That apartment!   And at least I won’t have to worry about any drug dealers coming in & out of the building & I know that they deal there.   They found a way to get around the security card entrance by applying tape over the doors little apparatus I don’t know what you call that thing on the door, but they’ve done it.     I’ve dubbed the former apartment “The crack house of Renton”.