My Rant About How Thoughtless People Are.

Humanity is toast.

One woman on a solo journey through this crazy ass life.

On a whole I’ve given up on humanity.  Seems like all around me are people who are emotionally stunted because they want to do drugs, stay drunk, and act a fool.   I miss the times many years ago when people where thoughtful.  And by thoughtful I mean thinking of SOMEONE ELSE!

Guess what?  I’ve never had anyone think of me ever!  Not my Mother of course she sure wants her birthday cards every year always with the expectations & talking about my dead Grandmother who has been dead for over 40 years.   I want to tell her to shut up about it already.   It’s never “your grandmother”  but “I miss Mother”,  Gee nice to know I’m not included goddammit!

I don’t have any nice things, I’m really lonely, and I feel that no one cares & I don’t mean in any sexual way either.   I want…

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