Tired Of People Who Think That They Can Intimidate Me!


Message to you who think that you can intimidate me will you PLEASE get  A LIFE!  and leave me alone.   Understand?   I hope so.   Because I’ve had it up to HERE (pointing to my head)  with control freaks, people giving me dirty looks when I haven’t done anything to them.   I’m tired of certain group of people who hate me because they don’t like the way I look, you know I had to flee my last apartment complex because of this very reason.

Stop telling me what to do, stop calling me out of my name and focus on your damn self.   If you’re lacking in self esteem that isn’t my problem.   Your an adult so take care of your problems & stop projecting them onto me.    Remember YOUR THE ADULT so act like it & stop bullying me.    It’s not being fair to me.   If you have a problem with me oh well stay away from me & knock it off with all the intidmidation.