Movie Review. Just Read & Check It Out Okay?

For those of you who don’t regularly follow my blog I’ve had a lot happen within the last month.  I now live on the Washington Peninsula temporarily  until I can find a peaceful age appropriate permanent place to live.  That means it’s boring out here.   That & the fact that this place is co-ed which I am not too crazy about.

SO to get away from the stupid Superbowl madness & testosterone males I had to get out.   With not much to do I had no other place besides the local thrift store but to go to the movies.    Now I haven’t been to the movies in 9 count it nine years!  I had no choice.

I went to go see the indie film I Tonya the film about Tonya Harding.   I’m one who has a curious mind.   I also don’t believe anything the media portrays because the media always lies.    The film was great!  In my opinion I believe how much abuse & oh boy did she suffer some abuse which I could relate to, I really feel that she didn’t have anything to do with the attack.   Knowing how men are and I know because I myself have been screwed over by plenty of men to include my own biological Father as an 8 year old kid, Tonya got with the wrong man.   

The story chronicles Tonya’s rise in the skating ranks but let me tell you she faced ENORMOUS PREJUDICE in the skating association.   As a black woman who has grown up in this society I could really, really relate to that.   She lacked the social graces (so?)  She was told she had to wear a fur coat so she could present an image(are you fucking kidding me?  No wonder I never cared for the sport) SO she was alienated which is the best word for it, because she came from a poor family.  I thought that this was the United States!  That made me somewhat infuriated.  The movie itself was hard to watch and for those of you who haven’t seen the movie I’m about to provide some spoiler alerts so if you don’t want to read this stop right now & go see the movie.   But there was a lot of domestic violence which was so hard for me to see that I was digging my nails into my legs to keep from getting angry ( the arm rests were plastic)  and these scenes were intense people.

Now on that attack, you just have to see the movie for yourself & trust me it was a very good movie.   But it seemed to me that the ill fated attack was 100% hatched by that awful ex husband of Tonya’s & that stupid ex bodyguard.   Watch the movie it is very good.   Trust me I’ve seen hundreds of movie’s in my lifetime this one ranks among the best I’ve seen.   Once I returned to the ward (my nickname for this place I reside in) I felt okay, I wasn’t feeling angry nor did I have symptoms of my bipolar illness.    That’s all for now.