Learning Martial Arts….Again

Tonight I will be going to a free trial lesson near were I live.   I don’t like were I live the few females that live here I don’t care much for.   If you met them you’d agree with me.   

I’ve taken martial arts before let me tell you all of my experience.

The first one was about 7-8 years ago.  The school was owned by a female American who was also the head instructor.    Bluntly put I didn’t like her.   I don’t know if it was her ego, or what it may have been but I didn’t like her.   I think the deal breaker came for me when she wouldn’t resolve an issue between myself & another student in the school.   Let me explain what happened.

This particular student had some self esteem issues.  She always brought her personal problems into the Dojo, example:  she came into the small dressing room for women one day saying the following: “Oh my God I just got evicted & had only 2hrs to clear out of my apartment”  she was saying this to a senior black belt student who was mere inches away from me.   Now I was sympathetic to her but the school was an inappropriate place & I certainly didn’t want to hear that as I was trying to gear my mind to train.   I felt that she was being very selfish.   If she had this problem she should have took it to the instructor & not air her business like that.  This showed to me that she really didn’t have much sense.

Another incident at this school involved this scatterbrained woman & myself being partnered up in a sparring training session one evening.   On top of being extremely needy, inappropriate, she was also a very mean individual towards myself & some others I even remember her making a very sarcastic comment to a young man who said that he was a an 8th grade algebra teacher, she called him a geek but it didn’t come out nice nor was it very funny!   While we were learning our sparring moves she made a very illegal hit on the very top of my head!!

A very big NO, NO!  We are provided head gear & pads but this cretin was doing this intentionally.   So, I said to her in my most assertive voice to “knock it off”.

You will not believe what happened next everyone.   I performed a very weak roundhouse kick, which involves the swinging of your leg all around in a 360 degree angle.   The woman collapsed to the floor screaming bloody murder like I hurt her.   I had not touched her.   What was the problem?  She was faking.   

Basically since I called her on her illegal hit she in her infinite wisdom decided to get back at me.   Why?  Because she has personality disorders.    The rest of the students who were watching the training all rallied around her like she was really hurt.   Give that woman an Academy award!   Only thing was that she wasn’t all that great of an actress.   

Around the next day I see Miss Personality Disorder discreetly talk with the instructor/owner of the school.   Unfortunately I was on the other side of the classroom so I couldn’t hear what was being said.    But I can bet you dollars to doughnuts that Miss crazy personality was lying through her teeth about me.   Nothing about that broad spelled integrity & folks this is the kind of World we live in especially when your an black woman who speaks up for herself.   The oppression never seems to end because I’m 100% sure she was a bigot!  And I gave

her no reason to hate on me, hell all I was there for was to learn martial arts & to earn a black belt + skills.    I lasted about 10-11 months then one day I was tired  of the  BS I left with about one month to go on my contract.   BUT !   wait everyone the instructor made sure that she humiliated me to the fullest degree with a one on one sit down ( along with her assistant) the instructor owner was such a  total bitch.   Message to the former instructor that was so totally UNECESSARY what you did.   It is YOU that needs to learn respect not me!    You certainly didn’t earn my respect.   You were shady anyway.   Glad I left.

SO my readers this will have to be continued I was to try a few more schools but they will be for the next blogs as I’m sure your tired of reading.   The next blog titled Part 2 The Next School will go into detail about the next school I tried after I left the tyranny of this first school.  Tonight I will be trying a free trial of a martial arts school here on the Peninsula but I won’t sign any kind of contract or anything.