The Next Martial Arts School.

Martial arts school number two proved to be a somewhat weird experience.  This blog will be brief.   First off the school smelled of old lunch meat is the best way I can describe it, or was it smelly feet?   Hell who knows.   However everyone when I entered in this school & once I started training?  I got a bad feeling from the beginning.   I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

The head instructor who was handsome & charismatic seemed to know his stuff about Tae Kwon Do, but I was left unsatisfied & I felt a dark sensation.  I lasted at this school not even a month.   Here is what happened.  One night I was taking the bus home from the nearby transit center.   I boarded my bus route heading home when there was some loud rowdy gang members started yelling loudly who was getting out of jail, who was headed to jail, and guesses on who might be on their way to jail.   Good God I thought that these guys are supposed to be discreet in talking about their homies.   Anyway a fight broke out & I got off way before my stop.    I think I may have caught a cab home, I’m not really sure.   Well that put the brakes on anymore lessons from that downtown Renton Tae Kwon Do school.  

Now here is the kicker everyone, as it turns out one day I’m deciding on researching a martial arts school again when lo & behold up comes up this former school which I had the awful gut feeling about.   Turns out the head instructor was charged with sending lewd pictures to some of his underage students!   I clicked onto the link off of Google & sure enough there was this guy’s mug shot or picture.

I was SO GLAD that I chose to leave that school.    I was to try two more schools after that.  They didn’t work out.   One was a bit racist (one student made a comment highly inappropriate about blacks)  then when I asked the instructor for a sheet of directions to go to the TKD summer picnic at Lake Sammamish he roared at me a resounding NO right in front of everyone which was most embarrassing you know this jerk who resembled an ancient samurai warrior was low on sensitivity in my opinion he made such a big deal about this stupid picnic too.   This instructor liked to BARK his commands.  He scared the shit out of me.   I left one week into signing my contract saying this very thing & the racial remark .   SO what!  I hate  Lake Sammamish anyway because Ted Bundy used to frequent that place.

I will give this school a try but I won’t get my hopes up.  I’ve met with the instructor he is a small guy but I’ll bet he would kick your ass.   He is high up in the black belt degree chain too.   So who knows people.   I only wished I would have gotten into this a long time ago.   I did try it 7-8 years ago only to get a form of discrimination.  I’ll just try again