Love? WTH Is That?

No really what is that?   I’ve never understood that word my entire life.  I repeat my whole life since I was a toddler all through TODAY!   I was never taught that word because all I ever knew was violence, neglect, indifference, being ignored were all things I know very well.   But love WTH is that?

Today at the mandatory house meetings one of the case managers said something like “show some love”   (huh)   I don’t really know what that means when you say that to me.   I’ve never had an intimate relationship with anyone.   EVER!   Understand were I’m coming from people?   Many of you ( all of you) probably haven’t a clue.

I don’t understand this Valentine’s day.   But I will say this.   In the cafeteria were the residents get their meals a bunch of kids I guess they come from a local public school here on the Peninsula made some beautiful cards very thoughtful & artistic!  I can tell some thought + effort went into these.   I found the cards on a small table right near the suggestion box sits.   So I helped myself to a few.  It did warm my heart to know that these kids (ages unknown I’ve yet to go to the neighboring vet’s convalescent home to give thanks) cared.   Inside the cards they thanked the veterans for our service.   Which means a whole lot to me.  Because I reside in a long term transitional house for homeless vets.   Its the only reason I’m not sleeping in a dingy shelter or out on the streets!  I’ve been so desensitized from all the harshness I’ve endured in life, that it’s really nice to get something as simple as a handmade card from a kid.    You all out there just don’t know how much that makes me feel.   Or perhaps you do.