Women ever experience this?  Well I sure have!  My entire life.  As a young girl I wanted to be a police officer what I heard:  Women don’t become police officers. As an 8 year old little girl being told I was stupid by an slightly older boy who was tutoring me at the public school I attended.   It was how he said it, with such malice  and he didn’t care.   Hey, he doesn’t get a pass because he was a youngster I was vulnerable & needed help.  Oh well he probably ended up behind bars in later years, to me he seemed to have traits of a  sociopath why I was paired up with that abusive dick head I have   no idea.    He was evil that was for sure. 

,At five I was hated by an older male step cousin who physically threw me around like a rag doll due to jealousy.   He is dead now due to all kinds of disease I won’t go into.   Karma at least caught up with him.

I grew up with two other cousins who I wasn’t related to by blood however one of my cousins was MALE so he got all the attention.   My step aunt made sure he had a mentor, got connected into pee wee sports the whole nine yards.   She even made sure that one of her OWN employees took this same male cousin to baseball games,  football games.     Myself & the other female cousin well we were overlooked & ignored.      That really hurt me ALOT!   Here I was a vulnerable young girl now understand all I know of the world is that men beat up on women right?  AND so now on top of that issue I get ignored & I feel as if I’m not valued.   Somehow I felt deep down inside that this just wasn’t real fair!!!!!!!!

To my readers who have young daughters PLEASE see to their needs.  Mentor or get them positive role models  Big Sister organization is one but girls need the attention + guidance just as much as the boys.   They need to be fed large doses of healthy self esteem because one day they will be adults out in the world.   And from my experience’s the world pretty much treats women like shit it’s the truth.   All the more reason for strong women to stand up to the injustice that they will face or face before they reach adulthood.   That means it is okay for women to get mad, if we face danger or someone attempting to harm us, abduct, or whatever we need to stand up for ourselves to say NO BACK OFF!   Assertiveness really needs to be drilled into our girls as well.    Martial arts A MUST!  Because we will not be bullied BY ANYONE!  and sometimes we may be called upon to stand up for ourselves.   For those of you who want to view the world with those rose colored glasses then I guess that is your prerogative but women are exploited, used, and I think you know what I’m talking about.   We are ignored, treated like sex objects & all of you know that I speak the truth.   Girls, young girls, women need love, self esteem, strong mental training against the likes of the people who represent the underbelly of society the pimps, drug dealers, human traffickers,molesters etc.   the scourge of society.   Beware of them because they come with smiles & phony friendliness.    It’s never a good idea to be real trusting in this day & age.    Feel free to send me questions.   I will do my best to help were I can.   And remember young girls like young boys lives really do  matter!