I’M Having To Adjust But It’s Difficult.

What I don’t like about today 21st Century America is the level of immature adults I see all around me.   I also loathe the drug use it seems to be up like a 1000%  Those damn opioids!  Those adults & the younger teens take them like Skittles candies.   I feel a mixture of disgust & sadness.   Listen to your friend DRUGS ARE NOT COOL!  Unless prescribed by a Doctor & you use them I repeat use them as PERSCRIBED!   In my day it was Cocaine I wasn’t a user, I tried it once & it was gross.   I tried marijuana that stuff makes your brain cells burn up faster than it takes a tinderbox house to burn down on a hot summers day.   

There seems to be a generation of druggies here in the States.   I believe the only place were you don’t see drug use or were it’s rare are the Muslim countries like the Middle East.   The Middle East at times seem appealing because over there there is no alcohol or drugs.   I’m so sick of seeing druggie’s here.   On a previous post of mine I wrote a blog title White Men.    On it I mentioned how I experienced sitting next to these odious men while riding on the Seattle light rail to Pioneer Square they  were visiting from Portland Oregon.   I didn’t mind that so much, however what I did find loathsome was their talk of how their preference of how they like to ingest their opioid’s.   They spoke of it so freely just like one spoke of how they take their coffee in the morning.   I really did want to tell them to shut up.   It’s gotten so bad here in America that sometimes a person will pull out their stash then with a rolled up dollar bill snort that shit right up their nose.   And hey it actually happened, I witnessed it while riding a bus out to the University District one summer.    I now understand why some hate riding public transportation!   I wrote a blog on this very thing too.   I have to figure out how to get myself some form of transportation.  

There is a video that I am considering posting on here, I may just do that.   The youngsters in this video are already throwing their lives away to a drug called Fentanyl or are a slave to the drug.   I may go ahead & post it.    For now I think I may consider a rural area outside the big city.   King County here in Washington is a ZOO!  Seattle has gotten so horrible.   Tents everywhere & drugs!  I grew up with constant violence, instability, extreme mental/psychological abuse and in todays 21st century society I still have a hard time adjusting it’s extremely depressing.   This isn’t a great society.  It’s more like a decaying wasteland.