I Still Get Discriminated Over My Illness Everybody!

I’m not on a soap box nor is my mental illness is what defines me.   I tried for a womans transitional house but was turned down for their program.  I didn’t even bother to ask why, because I already know.   It’s because I take medication for my bipolar & I possibly suspect it’s due to my disadvantaged background childhood + adulthood.   Oh boy & this is supposed to be a CHRISTIAN place?  Oh well I will still pray to my God but he will get an ear full let me tell you!

Life is always so damned unfair for me!   Well at least I have a temporary home here out in the boonies.   Except for my case manager I don’t like the rest of the people here & with good reason…..don’t trust them  no really I don’t trust them.   One has narcissm/control/abuse issues which she has projected onto me, while a few of the other women have some substance abuse issues….nope!  Oh & the men I steer clear of altogether!   Because well females we all know how men are.  I suppose the rejection of getting into this wretched place is for the best it just would have meant that I would be somewhat closer to my only living relative my Mother.

Oh well, when one door closes another one opens.   But Christians sure are a stuck up bunch.