Murdoch Mysteries

The best show ever.  What is really depressing is that I didn’t discover the show until last year!  I bought a TV antenna which afforded some free cable channels & I came upon the show on the COZI network.   This is the major downside of being alone because I’ve had no one to turn me on to this show . Murdoch Mysteries really hits to my cerebral side of me.   I like that it’s a period piece because 21st Century America sucks with it’s people.   I love the show although it can be gross (the medical side)

The shows on now I hate!   Too commercial, gimmicky, full of sarcasm, I hate it.  Formulaic is a word that comes to mind.    The show has been on for 10 years going into its 10th or 11th season.   For me though since I’ve been binge watching for the last few weeks it will end with season 9 episode 4 due to the departure of actress Georgina Reilly who plays the intelligent courageous Dr Grace.   I hated the story line surrounding her & Lillian Moss mostly because I felt that they had a lack of chemistry I didn’t really feel it & worse Lillian was brutally murdered, I mean she couldn’t have succumbed  cancer or something? Hated it.  I loved the actress Georgina Reilly (Dr Emily Grace) Class, very nice and super intellligent wished I could meet someone like Dr Grace  out in the real world but alas that just does not exist I know.  Basically I lean heavily on Canadian, Bristish shows.  Far better definitely more classy.  I love quality, class.  Something thats missing here in America.   Thats for sure.  I may not have much but due to what I now watch I’ve shown maturity in what I now watch thats taken 30 years to get to.  I don’t like that one bit.  No opportunities in education well you all know the story.

The cast of characters are most excellent the best that I’ve seen in decades!   I’m most unhappy with all the crime, drug use that’s going on so this show is a wonderful escape for me.   And to think I almost passed because I thought it was boring but I stuck with it.    I love the show so much I’m saving up to buy seasons 5-8.   Buying them one at a time costs like 42 dollars.   SO it makes sense to bundle it like so many other things in life.   I have particular tastes in everything.    I feel as though I were born in the wrong year, I can’t seem to get past all the tragedy that has fallen the U.S. the drugs, poverty, all the homelessness that is everywhere.   On top of being alone, and having unwanted attention from people that I don’t even like wanting to give me attention eew! a woman who when I first arrived at the transitional home tried to act like my Momma, then a man who acted like a baby because I wouldn’t talk to him(I talk to who I want, when I want)  It just never works out for me, oh well at least I have my escape then one day get my better apartment, who knows a dog.    I desire a good life filled with wonderful people and I’m going to have it!