Like I’ve Been Saying I Don’t Know How To Do Life.

I’m alone 24/7 365 days a year.   I never married, no one pays me a lick of attention, I walk the earth totally invisible to people.   I’ve lived alone for I think 3 decades without any comfort of another human being to talk to or anything!

So why is it that when I go to a medical clinic I get body shamed for gaining weight?  And it isn’t just body shaming it’s cruel body shaming.

People I ain’t perfect, and worse I’m all alone in the world.   What in the hell do you expect?   I’m ain’t Halle Berry folks.    I don’t have access to a freaking personal trainer & I don’t know how to use those weight machines or any gym equipment.   I’m challenged there.   I have no family, I have nothing.

SO cut me some slack will you?   I don’t get it, when I was slender & highly attractive NO ONE paid me attention nor sought my hand in marriage except for those creepy guys who only wanted sex.   And trust me I had no one protecting me either.  Being a female is extremely dehumanizing.  When your pretty & thin men (or women) want sex.   When you’ve gained weight your dehumanized & demoralized.   I told you it’s a cruel world for a black woman.