Missed Out On A lot, Now Need To Make Up For Lost Time.

I’m not pretty, I have been described cute I guess.   But it bothers me that not many have seen me as an object of affection.   I’m pretty selective and I’ll continue to be because there just isn’t anyone I remotely like or anyone that appeals to me.   I just don’t want to settle for anything that comes along.   If I remain alone so be it.  

I’m so hoping that with me working on my weight I’ll attract someone I like because there are so many I don’t like.  Most go against what I believe in like for example I don’t like anyone that spanks their children.   Deal breaker for me.   I like certain types I like a person who loves adventure, is independent & not NEEDY believe me I can smell it on a person a mile away!  I also hate whiners example: I said hello & she didn’t talk to me.     Here is a hint…..MOVE ON!

I’ve never been in love nor have I been in an intimate relationship.  Yeah its sad to tell you the truth the opportunity never came up.   I came close to meeting some one but basically it played out like this the person really liked me relayed this to someone else & I was never told about it so I could have took some action.   People are trifling & jealous like that.   That’s happened to me a few times BEHIND MY BACK!  Betrayal at its best.   It’s incredibly difficult especially when you see everyone paired up or with their families that’s when you really do feel the lonliness!