The Changes I Don’t Really Like

Have you noticed changes & not for the better in customer service such as Mc Donald’s for example.   Now I know that Mc Donald’s isn’t healthy I was getting one of their breakfast burritos & coffee but even that seemed to pose a challenge to the slow customer service at Mickey D’s.

You see back some years ago & I’m speaking of the 1990’s there used to be a row of cash registers with around 5-6 Mc D’s employee’s manning them to take your order.  How do I know?  I once worked for them.  Now there is ONE cash register on a much smaller counter & only ONE employee behind it to attend to a customer.   Now it’s horrible.  I’m walking into the place & there were a crowd of people milling around everywhere! I don’t even know who to fall behind in the line.   I ask one person where does the line end or if she is even in line.   Then guess what happens?  A young man of about 16-maybe 18 years of age he butts in with a smart ass remark like he is all knowing.  Basically condescending.   Didn’t appreciate his talking out of turn, so I spoke up!  I don’t like the way he spoke to me not one bit.  It’s gotten worse not better out in the public.   It’s why I don’t like to interact with people very much some can be a bit thick headed & ill mannered.  

Yes this is a rant.   Things sure don’t run very smoothly like it used to.   People these days are sure quick to cut you off a lot like an impatient driver on the freeway.  

Example, simple phone conversations.  I’ve noticed that when conducting the simplest of transactions the people I’ve been on the phone with seem like they’ve consumed one too many Red Bull drinks.   What I’ve noticed is people don’t pause anymore on the phone while talking to you.   In fact you can hardly get a word in edgewise.  People seem very impatient just like I remember when I was growing up in my own household were no one had any time, patience.    Now that I’ve been a grown up

for many a year I’m noticing the exact same thing out in this crazy world.   The world is ALWAYS in a hurry.   One example if your in a conversation with someone sometimes you’ll hear the following :  “yeah, yeah”   meaning please hurry the hell up!   And you know what I just hate that!   So people are now the rudest specimens on the planet.   Americans are notorious for this one.   Even when I get off the ferry I make sure that I’m one of the last people trailing from behind because these people walk really fast like racehorses out of the starting gate!