Always Be Prepared TO Stand Up For Yourself.

For some reason I always seem to run into the meanest individuals.  Most recent?  An elderly man at the public library on the Peninsula where I temporarily live.

I’m now in the habit of bringing in  my laptop.  However I have to keep it charged.  The downside with this library?  Not enough plug outlets.  One was already taken, the other one the mean old man was sitting in the chair nearest the outlet, but since he wasn’t using any electronic device I simply plugged my laptop in then sat across from the chair Grumpy McFarland was sitting in.

Well he sure didn’t seem to like that.  All I said was “I’m charging my laptop”.  He seemed irritated, agitated something but he wasn’t happy.  Don’t know why I wasn’t doing anything to him.  Some people.   

Now, guess what happens next?   Old Grumpy gets up OUT OF THE CHAIR.   He takes his cane then walks all around the library like he is on a leisurely stroll or something.   I simply move into his chair ( this library is very small, in a small peninsula town) .    Grumpy, comes back about 10 minutes later Yelling:

“I KNOW THAT I HAD A SEAT SOMEWHERE”!  Then he looks at me, starts yelling at me that I took his seat.   My demeanor was calm, but I told him that I didn’t like his tone, and that he moved.   He shut right up.  I wasn’t the least bit intimidated.   And you know what this isn’t the first time that this old guy has tried to intimidate me.  White men can’t you just try to get along with us?     I handled the situation perfectly.   But I won’t be intimidated, or bullied.   This is a public library when you move out of a seat don’t expect it to be there when you get back, that’s the way it is.  Find another seat or leave.   First time an elderly man tried to bully me.  First time for everything.  A message to you men out there please learn to be just a little more courteous to women.    Because when you start barking at us, it kind of puts us on the defensive.   Luckily for me in this particular instance I was in a mature enough mood & I take my mood stabilizers on a steady basis + I’ve been around.   All it takes is some kindness & it doesn’t cost a thing.