American Families

Awful!  I’m talking about how the family unit just neglect their children.  I’m writing this in particular to a YouTube video about a 12 year old child.

Her name?

Katelyn Nicole Davis

She was born in 2004.  She died 2016.   She didn’t live long.   I’m twice her age so she should still be alive.   All she had were her Vlogs that she did on YouTube the name of which was called “Itz Dolly”.   Katelyn didn’t do too many.

Here is what I know about her & mind you I only discovered this youngster last night by accident on the eve of Easter.

Katelyn Nicole Davis was:

12 years old

She lived with a Mother who was addicted to drugs, the Mother often left Katelyn to care for Katelyns younger siblings for days at a time.

Katelyn lived in a very dilapidated mobile home in Cedarbrook Georgia.

Katelyn got good grades

Katelyn was raped by her Mothers boyfriend then further verbally humiliated.  Men sure are the lowest scumbags to prey on a 12 year old girl like that….SMH.

Katelyn had a BFF , however the BFF due to jealousy abandoned Katelyn don’t know how many of you out there ever experience the devastation of suddenly being alienated by someone you THOUGHT was your friend but I have & it is very painful especially if you have no parent who can walk you through this.  When you a child it’s extremely devastating!  I had just this very thing happen to me when I was around 14 years old, and I wasn’t even treated with any dignity or given a reason. People sure can be ignorant.

Unfortunately due to the lack of love at home, nothing positive going on at her school she turned to some loser of a guy someone named Luke Callahan, total scumbag   A disgusting teenage degenerate.  Katelyn was so much better than that. BUT she had no self esteem well of course she didn’t no one treated her with ANY nor taught her any self worth that really needed to have come from the PARENTS!  GOD, parents your older kids aren’t there to be little grown  ups to the younger siblings.   Parents  *sigh*

Katelyn always mentioned in her vlogs that she hated Christmas.  It was with good reason that she did because her Mother would buy her gifts at a discounted dollar store & often was so thoughtless didn’t bother to get Katelyn what she might have wanted.  Also if a Mother has money to spend on drugs can’t you at least buy

something for your Daughter?  Oh that’s right the drugs come first.  Katelyn would not hide her disgust over the cheap gifts.  I don’t blame her.  

This child should have had more help.   Where was her Father?   too many men are seemingly sperm donors meaning they impregnate a woman & like Houdini vanish into thin air.

I plan on sharing her Vlogs on my own blog site I’ve decided.  If it makes you uncomfortable too bad.   I plan to keep her memory alive.  She took her life December 30th 2016.

Her Mother didn’t even seem to care according to a YouTuber Vlogger who goes by “Mr Gunk”   She seemed drugged, detached or whatever.   What a sorry excuse for a human.   

In Memory of Katelyn Nicole Davis