Easter, I love It But It’s Lonely

I love Easter.   But I have no family to spend it with.  I’m also living in this homeless shelter.   On Sunday’s because I live so far out on the Peninsula there are no:

Public buses

Paratransit vans (I was able to transfer my account out here but on Sundays = Nope)

So, I have no way off this island.  Oh & there is no foot ferry that runs.  A foot ferry is the 10 minute ride that gets me to the main place Bremerton to catch the bigger ferry.   So on Sundays I’m absolutely STUCK!

I don’t like this place I prefer to head out to Seattle but can’t and that sucks.   I so want to go to Easter service but you know what often what I encounter is people who treat me like something dirty.   I don’t look bad but people sure are judgmental especially the Christian folk.   I can’t afford nice clothes, I don’t have the best looking figure in the world but I mean it isn’t bad, or haven’t you noticed all the mannequin looking people.   

My Mother is still alive but to put it mildly she doesn’t do shit on Easter.  No fixing of food….NOTHING!  She won’t do it.  Most families especially black families COOK! but not my Mom.   I mean I tried to get her to leave the house just to have coffee with me because it was a pretty good day today.   All I heard were excuses.

Oh well.   I’m so tired of this.   I hate this.  But most of  all Easter was when my Father took me away from my Mother I was 8. 

I remember that it was Easter because when I arrived at my Fathers smelly duplex he had waiting for me a stuffed Easter bunny, a Easter basket and that’s all I remember.   I can’t describe to you how painful that memory was.   That a Father could deliberately inflict that enormous amount of pain on two human beings one my Mother the other ME.   Tells me that he is an APE!    I’m glad he is dead.  Don’t miss him.   What he did or didn’t know is irrelevant to me.   Easter.