Hey No One Flames On My Facebook Page!

I’ve recently opened a Facebook account.   So far its been a tribute page to Katelyn Nicole Davis the 12 year old suicide.   Now, I saw the dreadful event on her camera or whatever she used short of the final final deed.  So now some punk comes on my page disrespecting me saying things like “you people” & that “I don’t know what I’m talking about”.

First of all The late Katelyn Davis recorded EVERYTHING!  How else does anyone think I got this info?   I didn’t just make this up people.   She showed how she lived which was a dilapidated very rundown mobile home.   Hell Katelyn’s room had poor insulation which she showed on her phone & a hole in the floor of her room the size of a grapefruit!   She showed how her floors leaked.   It wasn’t fit for human habitation.   What is the saying?   The camera never lies!   

I will not be bullied, nor disrespected.   I kick ass when it comes to standing up for myself & Facebook trolls or cyber bullies are  no different.