My Mother Just Frustrates Me.

My Mother has been a source of frustration since I was a very little girl.  It’s because of her that life for me took such a drastic turn for the worse it seems.

I don’t know exactly what my mother has in regards of disorders but I know that she has some.   You all know that her psychologist can’t reveal anything based on confidentiality and all that but if I had to guess I would say she most definitely has a form of a narcisstic personality disorder going on.

I noticed it on my birthday at the Chinese restaurant.   She kind of acted in a immature way.   While we were there (restaurant was pretty empty except for a few other customers) she seemed like she could not make up her mind what she wanted which got on my nerves because it was my birthday I wanted to focus on myself.

I ordered from the dim sum carts that was okay, Mom & I sat at a round table, then she was looking at the other customers & what they were eating & decided that she wanted vegetables.   The staff didn’t seem to like my Mother & I very much know how I know this?  Their appearances were pretty scarce.   

After endless attempts at getting the waitress attention my Mother said with a most doe eyed expression on her face that she wanted vegetables.   I was annoyed & somewhat uncomfortable.   

SO, she orders broccoli.   Neither she nor the waitress asks WHICH type of broccoli.  You see there is CHINESE broccoli which is a far cry from AMERICAN broccoli but neither my Mother nor I knew that & I don’t think that the waitstaff cared much to be honest.   I never really want to eat at another Chinese restaurant ever again.   

Once the final bill came my Mom complained about how much the bill was which was pricey.   She asked me this rude question “Guess how much the bill was”  right in front of the staff who was at our table.   They weren’t pleased.

I prefer Japanese food anyway & from here on out that’s what I’ll eat when I go out.