Teachers I Had Weren’t Worth Much!

I heard on the radio today that it’s National teachers appreciation day.   What a joke!   For me teachers when I was a child were indifferent about my learning, all they cared about were their paychecks.    I was ignored by them, they really didn’t care especially White teachers when it comes to kids of color & I’m not making this up people they think NOTHING of Black, brown kids.

The only teacher who deserves appreciation and I never was privileged enough to be his student was a man named Hymie Escalante.    Jaime Escalante taught High school math at Garfield High school located in East L.A.  a predominately Hispanic part of town.    He didn’t just teach high school math he taught these kids who struggled at the beginning in fractions & guided them all the way to advanced calculus to take the AP test that awards college credit.    He taught for several years too.     Jaime Escalante has his own postage stamp too.   Unsure if I even spelled his name correctly but if your not familiar with his name there is a movie based on his real life called “Stand And Deliver”   starring Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante.    Now Jaime Escalante was a RARITY among teachers!    He is the only one in my book that deserves any appreciation.   Wished I were privileged to have been one of his students.    I’ve had many teachers in Middle & high school and none of them measured up to Jaime Escalante.

Aggressive Panhandlers

It’s a problem I believe nationwide.   I encountered one on the streets of Downtown Seattle 2nd & James while waiting for an express bus to take me to an apartment I’m trying to apply for in the southend.    Housing market here is real bad!   Housing wait lists are years long.   SO please don’t come here.

Anyway,   as I’m rounding the corner I’m accosted by a man who has his hands out asking for money and while he does this he keeps stepping closer & closer to me like he knows me.      I hold my hand out palm outward telling him to stay back!

Guess what time of day this was at?  It wasn’t quite 10AM in the freakin morning.    Guess that they don’t call it a full time job for nothing huh?

This guy walked up , then down the same street several times asking various people for money.    All while I was waiting for my bus which unfortunately came every 1/2 hour.   One thing I noticed about the guy.   He had on what seemed to me brand new starched jeans, Timberland boots.   Wow!  really?

I deeply resented this to the fullest!   I don’t have a wardrobe I’m lucky if I get something new & that’s on my birthday.   I was fuming mad at this idiot.   I made it known that he shouldn’t be wearing new clothes & asking for change.

Guess he didn’t like that, which I don’t care.   He walked over towards me, I held up my hands yelling at my loudest GET BACK!   Then he gave me the finger.   We did a back & forth.   I wasn’t afraid & I said that you won’t be disrespecting me.    See I feel like this.   If you want to hold up a sign saying that you need money I’m fine with that ( but be creative draw something nice)  but what I have a problem with is when someone is aggressive with me, singling me out because i’m a woman.   THAT’S NOT OKAY.     And I’ve made this comment before on another social media website if you need money there is always the company Labor Ready.     Get it?   GOOD!   Have a nice day & please don’t ask me for any money cause I really don’t have it to give to you anyway.