Young Millenial Men Stop Acting So Arrogant.

I was walking on my way to Pioneer Square yesterday morning heading to the ferry.    Here is what I noticed.   Young millennial men usually always Caucasion who act as though THEY own the sidewalk.    Let me give you an example.

As a habit & to stay out of people’s way I walk on the inside meaning to the farthest towards the wall like a building.   While I was walking a guy grown man is walking  right smack up to me.   He is not moving around me or anything.   Wow I thought what a prick.   Well I didn’t move either in fact I refused to let this guy who was one of those weirdo guys who wear the skin tight girly pants sporting that stupid hair style that’s shaved at the sides look.    OMG  wear a REAL HAIR STYLE!

So we stood there for what seemed like a few minutes BEFORE HE finally moved.   You see I will not tolerate ANYONE bullying, or intimidating me for ANY reason.   If your having a bad day keep it to yourself & stop acting like a damn child!