Finding A Therapist

I don’t like most therapists.    I find the lot of them too judgemental.      Growing up I was bullied & beaten on but I got through it often I was positive about it.   Then as I was a teen all I encountered were spoiled, sullen often ill mannered teens.   

I grow to be an adult I keep a good positive attitude and then I run into nothing but adult bullies who say nothing but cruel stuff to me or about me.    “Oh no one is that nice”   Grow up with abuse, still have abuse as an adult.    I have to say at this point in my life I neither like nor trust other people.   I sure haven’t hit the jackpot on meeting nice people.   Then I try to go into therapy & run into more of the abusive same with being judged by some so called educated hack who doesn’t even bother to really get to know me or what I’ve been through in my life.   Instead I find some crack pot who is going through her own life story.   How she was raised by Southern Baptists who didn’t treat her right ( boo hoo I thought that this was MY session)  How she bought a DNA kit & found out that she has some black blood coursing through her .   You know that you made a very erroneous mistake picking some person ( for lack of a nicer word)  when the session turns out to be all ABOUT THE THERAPIST.      And another failure .    No wonder people are turning to drugs in droves in this country the mental health system is a total mess.   I haven’t met one person who isn’t selfish or who didn’t want to take advantage of me.

I’m stuck.    No family, father is dead, no friends so what do I do?  It gets worse.   Hardly any money,   I’m stuck.   And all my Mother says is to PRAY.  Well that doesn’t help.